www.uhhospitals.org // October 2017

At University Hospitals, we understand that addiction to drugs and alcohol is a chronic condition that requires medical attention, just like any other disease.

We also understand that the first step in managing any chronic disease is to acknowledge the problem and seek help. When an individual with an addiction problem decides to take this first step, we become their partner – working with them to create a realistic and sustainable plan for a successful recovery.

University Hospitals offers inpatient treatment for addiction at two convenient, community locations: UH Portage Medical Center and UH Geauga Medical Center. Both centers treat withdrawal symptoms in a safe and confidential medical setting. Admission to the inpatient program is voluntary and includes a comprehensive and personalized assessment, medical stabilization and psychological counseling. A typical length of stay is three to five days, after which patients return home and resume their life with a solid plan for outpatient treatment. Our licensed clinical staff stay in touch with patients after discharge to offer support and connect them to local resources as needed so they can sustain their new lifestyle.

All follow-up appointments are scheduled prior to discharge. This ensures the continuity of care that is needed for each patient to successfully recover from their addiction.

Types of substance abuse we treat

  • Alcohol
  • Opiates including Heroin, Fentanyl, OxyContin and Percocet

We currently accept commercial insurances, Medicare and Medicaid.